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The Best Solution for Selling Electronic Vouchers and etop up using multiple channels - POS, Web, Mobile, ATM & Kiosk.

Globasure Electronic Voucher Distribution System (GEVDS) is a secure end-to-end prepaid system, giving mobile operators or distributors the opportunity to supply prepaid airtime, electronically, through various sales channels. Any electronic product or service may be distributed through the system by delivering a pin number or by activating the service through a direct connection with the service provider.

eVoucher: The Globasure eVoucher solution is designed to distribute prepaid PINs electronically and overcome the problem associated with the distribution of physical vouchers. The solution is designed with built-in security on different levels. Prepaid PINs are are encrypted for internal storage on the system and are not visible to system users. Audit trail of system activity is maintained.

eTop Up: Globasure eTop Up provides users with the ability to recharge customers with any value anywhere, anytime. eTop Up can be processed via multiple channels applying operator's business rules for sales, and calculating distribution and commission payments in real time. Operators & Service Providers maintain control over distribution network, pricing, revenue and margin.

Products Supported by GEVDS: Mobile airtime, Pay TV, Utility Bills, internet, lottery, betting, lotto, NECO, JAMB, tickets (bus, train, cinema, concerts, etc), and many other prepaid products.


Minimize fraud & theft, better commission structure, reduce scratch card printing & distribution costs, centralized distribution and increased revenue.


Distributor mgt, PGP encryption for PIN import, PIN encryption in DB, denomination mgt, bulk purchase, PINless Top Up, settlement.


Multi-tier web application built on J2EE technology and IBM middleware platform. Built with next generation cloud technologies.

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