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Having a comprehensive collection and payment strategy is vital to maintaining a cash flow that enables your business to grow - whether you are a small business owner or manage a large enterprise.

Billing is a Mission Critical System at the Heart of Organizations.

Electronic bill presentment and payment, usually called EBPP, is a form of electronic billing in which a company presents its bills and customers pay these electronically over various channels such as: EFTPOS terminal, ATM, Kiosk, Internet, Mobile phone etc.

GlosoftBill is a software support for the billing process. It allows user to generate bills and process payments. According to the business model, biller's employee can create bills using GlosoftBill or just checks bill payments using GlosoftBill Web portal. Designed to ensure transactional integrity, helping to deliver applications the customers can trust.

Globasure offers a suite of services that enable intelligent collection and payment capabilities for business. Each of our services is designed to simplify collections from debtors and payments to creditors, whilst reducing your overall processing costs. Reduce time for administrating your payments and collections by switching to GlosoftBill.


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